ACC-6XE Ethernet Printer Conversion


ACC 6xe External Printer conversion with Full IPDS support
Converts all* coax and twinax dot-matrix printers, band, dotband, and shuttle matrix printers.

The ACC 6xe allows existing, legacy printers to function correctly as a network addressable TCP/IP device, with or without full IPDS passthrough. Quick and easy installation allows these highly durable printers to work seamlessly with your current Ethernet 10/100BaseT network. Fully field tested. These printers can be attached to Ethernet TCP/IP networks via familiar RJ45 connection.

Prolongs the life of twinax or coax printers by allowing them to be attached to an ethernet LAN or local PC. Converts the ASCII data stream received on any of its input ports into EBCDIC, and then sends the data over the coax or twinax attachment to the printer. Configured on the host using a generic (text only) printer driver. Can be used as a portable twinax/coax host for testing twinax or coax SCS devices.

Coax/Twinax to Ethernet
Direct ethernet connection.
Full IPDS support.
Full DHCP support.
Full HP JetAdmin support.
All equipment retains maintenance qualification.

110v internal power supply (no dangling "spaghetti" wire)
Coax port (3270)
Twinax port (5250)
10/100BaseT Ethernet RJ45 port

Sturdy, full metal case
Easy set-once configuration
Status light
Built-in diagnostics
Full IPDS passthrough
Full EBCDIC to ASCII conversion
Full HP JetDirect compatibility
1 year warranty

*Tested and supported on:
most IBM coax and twinax printers including high speed band printers and shuttle matrix devices, as well as desktop matrix printers.
Most Memorex-Telex twinax and coax printers.
Most Tally twinax and coax printers.
And others, please ask for details.