IDG 9074 Secure Controller

  IDG 9074 Secure Controller 

IDG 9074

IDG 9074 / 9075 Secure Communications Controller 

Secures data transmitted over networks and off-site locations.

  • Implements data encryption, data compression and a request-challenge-response user authentication. The SecureAgent handshake, or contentious logon protocol, authenticates the server and the client. It uses a Request-Challenge-Response process that authenticates the user. Passwords are never sent between SecureAgent and the remote machine.
    • Enables technical personnel remote access to manage any system in the enterprise from any local or remote location with complete security.
    • SecureAgent's encryption is transparent to the user, easy-to-use and requires no special training. It is a simple matter of logging on and working as normal.
    • Provides the highest allowable encryption keys
    • Provides protection against attacks
  • Enables Secure Remote Access of 3270 sessions.
    • Remote access is secured by encryption of data and user authentication
    • Downtime is decreased by enabling technical support personnel to work from any location, local or remote
    • Security Administrator can set up and maintain user privileges from any location
    • Convenient access to critical data to perform work functions at any time
    • Compatible with existing TN3270E clients
    • Real-time corporate data access available to a mobile workforce
  • The TN3270e client from SecureAgent Software provides additional functionality
    • Secure Remote Access enables technical support personnel to work securely from local or remote locations.
    • Instant Replay enables the operator to view a screen-by-screen playback of their connected session
    • With the incorporated REXX capabilities, you can launch a variety of REXX programs from within your open window.
Replaces up to (32) thirty-two 3174 and 3274
  • Provides 8192 SNA sessions and 256 non-SNA sessions per ESCON adapter
  • Provides all console support functionality of the 3174, with complete security
  • Provides TCP/IP connectivity
  • Provides COAX output for STK silos, printers and 3270 type terminals.
  • Local SNA and non-SNA
  • Integrates clients and improves reliability
  • Includes SNA and non-SNA support allowing connection of master consoles as well as all subsystem consoles, including: CICS, TSO, Omegamon, IMS, VTAM, etc.
  • Reduces operating and maintenance costs
Automatic Network Recovery
The IDG 9074 detects loss of connectivity on the network path and can immediately connect to an alternate network path.

Security Administration
All aspects of SecureAgent technology can be set up by your own security administrator from any location. Tightly integrated security options give you unprecedented level of control. Easy remote configuration and diagnostics

Optical Media Attach (OMA)
The IDG 9074 offers Optical Media Attach (OMA) support which can be used as a convenience media to read software distribution shipped on CD, such as from VM, and can be particularly helpful when tape drives are not available.

Disaster Recovery
SecureAgent products are central to the Disaster Recovery Plans of some of the largest organizations in the world. If a disaster occurs, you need instant access to your critical systems to ensure that business disruptions are minimized and normal operations resume as quickly as possible. Today, where technology and business are converging, any disruption could be devastating. The use of SecureAgent technology can mean the difference for your business between potential disaster and temporary inconvenience. The IDG 9074 Secure Communications Controller from SecureAgent Software provides secure access to any remote disaster recovery site. It simultaneously enables technical personnel to work from local or remote locations, providing the ultimate in continuous secure operations in the event of a disaster.

SecureAgent Administrator (SAA)
SecureAgent Administrator (SAA) enables data center personnel to securely administer, from one/several workstation(s), all 9074 machines in the enterprise, regardless of their physical location. Use SAA to set up user IDs, groups and privilege levels, as well as for configuring 9074 control units, addresses and LUs.

Central User Administration and User Defined Access
The Secure Domain Server provides logon security, controls user privileges, and manages access rights from a central point. Users can be limited to particular sessions and within each session control extends on a command-by-command basis. All access, authority, privileges, and security functions can be securely administered from a central point of control.

SecureAgent delivers data between the connected machines in an optimized and compressed format. This helps reduce communication delays over networks, including the Internet, as well as enhancing data security.

March 10, 2004
New Printer Support Features Enhance Patented
IDG 9074 Secure Communications Controller

Thanks to customer-responsive software innovations, the IDG 9074 Secure Communications Controller can now support printers for personal computers, as well as traditional mainframe coax-attached printers, announced product patent holder and SecureAgent Software President R. Brent Johnson.

With the addition of new printer support features, the IDG 9074 can now support locally- or network-attached HP laser printers. Mainframe print data is made acceptable to these types of printers by protocol conversion.

As in the past, the IDG 9074 printer support will drive LU0 (non-SNA Data Stream Compatibility) and LU3 (SNA Data Stream Emulation) printers in a line-by-line mode, as well as drive LU1 (SNA Character Sets) that offers graphic image printing using Intelligent Printer Data Stream (IPDS).

March 10, 2004 Tape Emulation Now Adds Data Retrieval & Disaster Recovery Strengths To Patented IDG 9074 Secure Communications Controller

Bringing customer-requested disaster recovery strengths to the IDG 9074 Secure Communications Controller, SecureAgent Software added tape emulation and data retrieval capabilities to its popular and patented controller, announced product patent holder and SecureAgent Software President R. Brent Johnson.

With the ability to emulate certain 3480/90 tape drives, the IDG 9074 can now retain virtual tapes on its hard drive, allowing operators to control virtual data as they would data on real tape.

The operator can copy the virtual tape onto the IDG 9074s DVD writer. Similarly, when a DVD containing a previously written virtual tape data is inserted into the controllers drive it will be automatically copied onto the hard drive, making it available for mounting on one of the controllers virtual tape drives.

Readily available virtual tape make tasks such as stand-alone dumps and DASD pack dump/restores convenient for operators. For example, the contents of a system pack could be dumped (i.e., saved) prior to a system software change and be ready to restore, if required.

It is also possible to IPL from product-generated virtual tape.