Okidata ML390 and ML391


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MICROLINE 390 Turbo/n
62415901 Ethernet

MICROLINE 391 Turbo/n
62416001 Ethernet
Oki Microline ML391Turbo/n Dot Matrix Multiform Impact Printer
ML391Tn 62416001 GE7400A (New)

Retired, no longer available: Contact for alternatives

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Bi-directional cable (Parallel only)70000803
OkiLAN 6020e+ 10/100Base-TX Ethernet External Print Server70036002
OkiLAN 6130 10/100 Base-T Ethernet Internal Print Server72008701
RS232C Serial Card44455101
Super Speed RS-232C for series ML320/321/390/391/420/421/490/491/520/521/590/59170012801
Paper HandlingSKU
Bottom Feed Push Tractor (ML320/390Turbo/420)- Beige70030701
Pull Tractor (ML320/390Turbo/420)70030501
Roll Paper Stand for ML320/T/D, ML390/T, ML420/490, ML520/59070023301
Single Bin Cut Sheet Feeder 3000T70030101
Maintenance Contract ProgramsSKU
ML390/391 Turbo 1 Year Exchange (MCP)38001703

ML390/391 Turbo 2 Year Depot (MCP)38001701

ML390/391 Turbo 2 Year Exchange (MCP)38001704

ML390/391 Turbo 3 Year Depot (MCP)38001702

ML390/391 Turbo 3 Year Exchange (MCP)38001705

Spare PartsSKU
Access Cover for ML320T, ML390T53076701
Acoustic Cover for ML320T, ML390T53076901
Platen Knob for ML390, ML391T, ML320T, ML321T51902220
Printhead for ML390T, ML391T50114701
Pull up Roller Assembly for ML390T50411002
Ribbon Protector for ML320T, ML321T, ML390T, ML391T53077101
Single Sheet Guide Assembly for ML320T, ML390T51009409

10,000-hr. MTBF - tested to run over 60% longer than its competitors
  • 390 characters-per-second print speed - 30% faster than closest competitor
  • Expanded head gap handles forms up to twice as thick as the competition's printers
  • Crisp, clear printing - even on 4-part forms
  • Windows NT4.0, Windows2000, 98, 95, and 3.1x compatible
  • Co-resident Epson, IBMand MICROLINE emulations
  • Networkable via optional Ethernet external print server
  • Zero-form tear with paper park and auto-form advance
  • Eight resident scalable barcodes and seven text fonts
  • Rugged design for years of heavy use Wide-carriage width available with ML391 Turbo
Also available in wide-carriage MICROLINE 391 Turbo model.
1Available in the U.S. and Canada only.

On the fast track of impact printers, the MICROLINE 390/391 Turbo is in the passing lane. Its Tank Tough endurance - in the OKI tradition - will keep you productive long after most of the other printers in its class have retired. And its combination of versatile paper handling, performance and speed can't be matched.

Whether it's called on to handle long print runs or a single piece of letterhead, an envelope or a spreadsheet, in the office or on a counter, the ML390/391 Turbo is the way to go. This 24-pin dynamo excels in dedicated forms printing, turning it out equally fast and precise with pin feed or cut sheet stock.

In time trials, the ML390/391 Turbo clocks speeds up to 30 % faster than its closest competitor - with a Utility mode that can kick out reports at an impressive 390 characters per second. Even the Letter Quality mode is 30 % faster than the competition!

The ML390/391 Turbo printhead's lightweight samarium cobalt magnet and powerful, spring-activated pins deliver a strong punch, and the expandable gap between the printhead and platen easily seats 4-part forms. In fact, it can accept stock that's up to twice the thickness its nearest competitor can accommodate. For stiff card stock or labels, its bottom feed provides a short, straight paper path to keep even the most difficult jobs running smoothly.

Turn your documents into winners

The ML390/391 Turbo is a dedicated forms printer that also turns out professional-looking presentations, proposals and correspondence.

With three scalable fonts, you can express yourself in 8 to 64-point type. And you can be confident that your mailing envelopes will be equally presentable - and scanable - when you select any of the eight resident bar code fonts, including PostNet -. The printer's 24-pin printhead design will keep your print images - text and graphics - sharply defined over its 200-million character life.

In addition to superior-looking output, you want a printer that won't waste a sheet of paper or a single form. The ML390/391 Turbo has an auto-tear feature that accurately positions continuous forms for a clean tear at the perforation - eliminating wasted forms.

You'll also look good in any environment: the ML390/391 Turbo supports Microsoft Windows 95, Windows 3.1, 3.11, Windows NT 3.51, UNIX and Novell Netware, so it's compatible with virtually all custom and off-the-shelf software.

Also available in the MICROLINE 390/391 Turbo/n network-ready version

Access the benefits of the MICROLINE 390/391T across your company network and via the Internet. The ML390/391T/n comes with an OkiLAN 6120e 10/100 Base-T internal print server pre-installed and ready to perform. Each comes with an OkiLAN 6120e internal print server pre-installed and ready to perform with these exciting features:

  • True Remote Management capability through any Web Browser or with OkiView 32
  • Automatic outbound e-mail alerts
  • 10/100 Base-T Ethernet connectivity; up to 470 Kbps data transfer rate Internal integrated solution
  • Full Windows support: Millennium, NT 4.0, 2000, 98, 95
  • Full Novell support: NDS, NDPS, NLSP; IPX/SPX protocol support UNIX support
  • HP JetAdmin and Web JetAdmin compatible
  • Enhanced Web page - 10 "most recent" print job history
  • Internet printing through Internet Printing Protocol

Drive your office productivity further, with a printer that performs and handles like a champion and delivers output that makes you feel like a winner, too. The ML390/391 Turbo from OKI.

* Requires optional push tractor

Detailed Specifications: Side-by-Side Comparison

MICROLINE 390 TurboMICROLINE 391 TurboMICROLINE 390 Turbo/nMICROLINE 391 Turbo/n
Print Speed And Quality
Super Speed
Draft (cps)**
High Speed Draft (cps)390390390390
Utility Speed (cps)315315315315
Near Letter Quality Speed (cps)N/AN/AN/AN/A
Letter Quality Speed (cps)105105105105
Number Of Colors1111
Maximum Graphics Resolution (dpi)360 x 360360 x 360360 x 360360 x 360
Fonts and Bar Codes
Resident Scalable FontsYesYesYesYes
Resident Bar Code FontsYes (8 Types*)Yes (8 Types*)Yes (8 Types*)Yes (8 Types*)
Paper Handling
No. Of
Automatic Paper Forms LoadingYesYesYesYes
Short Tear OffYesYesYesYes
Zero Tear OffYesYesYesYes
Rear FeedYesYesYesYes
Bottom Feedw/Pull or Bott. Trac.w/Pull or Bott. Trac.w/Pull or Bott. Trac.w/Pull or Bott. Trac.
Pin Feed PlatenN/AN/AN/AN/A
Top Pull TractorsOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
Push TractorsRear / (Opt. Bott.)Rear / (Opt. Bott.)Rear / (Opt. Bott.)Rear / (Opt. Bott.)
Paper Feed Rate (inch per second)5555
Cut Sheet Feeder OptionN/AN/AN/AN/A
Roll Paper Stand OptionYes (390 T. Only)Yes (390 T. Only)Yes (390 T. Only)Yes (390 T. Only)
Parallel InterfaceStandardStandardStandardStandard
Serial InterfaceOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
Number of Pins24242424
Autogapping PrintheadN/AN/AN/AN/A
Expanded Head GapYesYesYesYes
Printhead Life (characters)200 million200 million200 million200 million
Memory Buffer Size64K64K64K64K
MTBF (hours)
Monthly Workload (pages)18,00012,00018,00012,000
Operating / Physical Specifications
Noise Level In Operating Mode (dBA)54545454
Noise Level In Quiet Mode (dBA)50505050
Ribbon Life (characters)2 million2 million2 million2 million
Power Voltage120v or 220v120v or 220v120v or 220v120v or 220v
EPA Energy Star ComplianceYesYesYesYes
Dimensions Of Narrow Carriage w/out Box (W x D x H) (inches)15.7 x 13.6 x 4.6N/A15.7 x 13.6 x 4.6N/A
Dimensions Of Wide Carriage w/out Box
(W x D x H) (inches)
N/A21.7 x 13.6 x 4.6N/A21.7 x 13.6 x 4.6
Weight Of Narrow Carriage w/out Box (lb.)15N/A15N/A
Weight Of Wide Carriage w/out Box (lb.)N/A19.2N/A19.2
Additional Features
Front Panel Direct Access ControlsYesYesYesYes
Front Panel Limited Function ModeYesYesYesYes
EmulationsEpson ESC/P2, IBM PPR and IBM AGMEpson ESC/P2, IBM PPR and IBM AGMEpson ESC/P2, IBM PPR and IBM AGMEpson ESC/P2, IBM PPR and IBM AGM
OS CompatibilityMicrosoft Windows 3.1/3.11, Windows 95 (Plug and Play compatible), Windows NT 4.0/3.51; support for UNIX and Novell Netware