Okidata ML8810 Printer


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Oki ML8810 Printer
Oki ML8810n Printer
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Warranty EnhancementsSKU
ML8810 2 Year Depot (WEP)58277401
ML8810 2 Year Exchange (WEP)58277201
ML8810 3 Year Depot (WEP)58277402
hML8810 3 Year Exchange (WEP)58277202
Black Ribbon Cartridge (ML8810)41708210
OkiLAN 6020e+ 10/100Base-TX Ethernet External Print Server70036002
OkiLAN 7120e Internal Ethernet I/F (ML8810)

OkiLAN 7130e Internal Ethernet I/F  45268701
RS-232C Serial Interface (19.2K baud max.)

Paper HandlingSKU
Cut Sheet Feeder (ML8810)41722307
Rear Push Tractor Feed Kit (ML8810 Series)41721903
Maintenance Contract ProgramsSKU
ML8810 2 Year Depot (MCP)58277501
ML8810 2 Year Exchange (MCP)58277301
ML8810 3 Year Depot (MCP)58277502
ML8810 3 Year Exchange (MCP)58277302
  • Dual 9-pin (18-pin) Impact printhead for near-letter quality output
  • Fast 720 characters-per-second print speed for increased productivity
  • Crisp, clear printing - even on last page of an 8-part form
  • Handles a wide variety of media, including multi-part forms, cut sheets, and slips
  • Legendary OKI Printing Solutions reliability
  • Auto Skew Correction -straightens- hand-fed sheets before feeding them into the printer
  • Location-Free Paper Loading - enables feed of cut sheets and slips anywhere along the printer table
  • Auto Head Gap - senses paper thickness and adjusts to ensure best-quality output
  • Co-resident MICROLINE, IBM and Epson emulations
  • Auto Load and Zero-Form Tear
  • Easy-to-read LCD panel
  • High-speed USB and parallel ports, standard; 10/100 Base-T internal Ethernet (ML8810n); serial interface optional (ML8810 only)
  • Standard front push tractor; optional rear push tractor and cut sheet feeder
Experience the breakthrough in technological innovation

All you can want in a forms printer- and more.

If your environment demands a fast, versatile and reliable forms printer to get you through the daily grind, here's the ideal solution.

The MICROLINE 8810 Series Impact printers from OKI Printing Solutions moves easily through a stack of multi-part continuous forms, report media and single sheets at a pace that will keep your business moving.

You can feed it manually, by push tractor or optional cut sheet feeder- front and back. And you can rely on it to deliver crisp, near-letter quality output day in and day out, in the tradition of Impact printers from OKI Printing Solutions. Together, these features save paper and time, while enhancing your productivity.

Built to perform relentlessly and with style
We've designed the ML8810 Series for durable output. Both models have a printhead impact force that allows even the last page of an 8-part form to read clearly, and a reliability rating of 10,000 hours MTBF.

As for printing style, the ML8810 has plenty of that: its Dual 9-pin printhead renders type styles with high quality, clearly producing underlines, subscripts and superscripts, as well as double-high, double-wide letters. Simple operation, flexible connectivity The ML8810 is as uncomplicated as it is powerful- and versatile- and durable. It's simple to operate, with an uncluttered control panel. At the touch of a button you can change the paper feed from auto to manual, the printing mode from Normal to Quiet, and the output direction from front to back. It also has a backlit LCD display that allows you to quickly assess printer status, print mode, current paper path, and manual printhead gap selection. Its rugged durability, low profile and even lower noise level make the ML8810 a perfect fit for the shop or back office. And, when it comes to connectivity, the ML8810 lets you decide how best to access it: choose from high-speed USB or parallel ports, standard- or get the optional serial or Ethernet interface and share the printer's exceptional performance on your network.

The MICROLINE 8810 Series printers from OKI Printing Solutions.
Everything you need to increase your productivity- and make your job easier.

Print Speed And Quality
Super Speed
Draft (cps)**
High Speed Draft (cps)720720
Utility Speed (cps)600600
Near Letter Quality Speed (cps)150150
Fonts and Bar Codes
Resident Scalable FontsUtility, NLQ Courier, NLQ Gothic, HSD, SSD
Resident Bar Code FontsEAN8, EAN13, UPC-A, UPC-E, Code 3 of 9, Interleaved 2 of 5, Code 128, Postnet
Paper Handling
No. Of
Automatic Paper Forms LoadingYesYes
Zero Tear OffYesYes
Rear FeedYesYes
Front FeedYesYes
Paper Feed Rate (inch per second)1010
Cut Sheet Feeder OptionYesYes
Roll Paper Stand OptionNoNo
Parallel InterfaceStandardStandard
Serial InterfaceOptionalOptional
Number of Pins1818
Autogapping PrintheadYesYes
Auto Skew CorrectionYesYes
Location-Free Paper LoadYesYes
Printhead Life (characters)400 million400 million
Memory Buffer Size128 bytes128 bytes
MTBF (hours)
Monthly Workload (pages)24,00024,000
Operating / Physical Specifications
Noise Level In Operating Mode (dBA)55.555.5
Ribbon Life (characters)10 million10 million
Power Voltage120v/240v Universal120v/240v Universal
Dimensions Of Wide Carriage w/out Box
(W x D x H) (inches)
23.5 x 15.2 x 9.2523.5 x 15.2 x 9.25
Weight Of Wide Carriage w/out Box (lb.)4444
Additional Features
Front Panel Direct Access ControlsYesYes
EmulationsMICROLINE, IBM ProPrinter III, Epson FX-1050