News on 24 May 2023

Looking for a managed print solution? 

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Why Lexmark MPS Express?

Lexmark MPS Express is a part of the Lexmark Managed Print Services suite and provides a set of building-block services to meet a range of print needs for small, medium and large organizations. MPS Express offers a first step to control print infrastructure and services to streamline device management. MPS Express contributes to the overall reduction of print headaches and print related costs.

Cloud Bridge

A leader in IoT-enabled print services, Lexmark utilizes Cloud Bridge, a connectivity suite enabling print services for organizations of all sizes. All Lexmark printers and MFPs can now connect in a number of flexible ways, including IoT native device firmware. IoT native device firmware enables access to advanced managed print services without the need for additional hardware and software. Additional hardware and software are often required by MPS providers to communicate with managed devices. With simplicity and scale, this connectivity unlocks the partner ability to own the end customer data collection and remotely monitor and configure devices for the end customer - driving greater fleet performance across the customer’s network.

From large enterprises to small business customers, Lexmark Cloud Bridge opens opportunities to simplify how print services are accessed. Whether used in a large enterprise back-office environment, distribution locations or remote usage with a single device, Lexmark Cloud Bridge offers dynamic connectivity and ease of use for every type of customer, in any size organization.

Dedicated Service Support
– Immediate awareness when a device needs attention, streamlining service delivery and maximizing uptime.

Remote Management
– Partner can remotely manage the customer’s fleet including firmware updates and security monitoring.

Remote Assessment
– Partner can take inventory of the customer’s current fleet and make remote recommendations, help on consolidation, updates and much more.

Proactive Consumables Management
– By using business rules and sophisticated artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, Lexmark provides proactive consumables management. Consumables fulfillment will automatically deliver just-in-time supplies to key contacts within the organization, eliminating manual meter reads and reducing cash tied up in supplies inventory.

Cloud Bridge
– A unique connectivity suite enabling print services for small to medium businesses and some large organizations, offering flexible options for gathering device data and eliminating IT burden for end customers.

Predictive Service
– Sophisticated artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms detect issues before they occur, allowing for next-level insight and fewer disruptions (minimum device requirements apply.)

Optional Value-Add Features
– Leverage additional offers such as cloud services, print release, scan-to applications and security settings recommendations for your environment.

Billing Methods: Two options

Base + Click
The Base amount that includes service and support. The Click is supplies costs based on how many pages are printed.

The Flat Rate billing method charges the same Base + Click rate but at a minimum page count/month. This way, the end customer gets a consistent bill/device each month.  No Overage fees for going over Flat Rate plan. We will charge Base + Click rates for pages going over Flat Rate plan