Okidata ML8480FB Printer


Looking for Okidata ML8480 Parts?

The OKI 8480 flatbed printer is a breakthrough in technological innovation for your F&I office. This intelligent impact printer delivers fast, reliable printing with automatic sensing and alignment.

  • Integration with your Reynolds system.
  • Up to 360 characters per second print speed for increased productivity.
  • Auto Skew correction -straightens- manually-fed sheets before feeding them into the printer.
  • 24-pin impact print head for near letter quality output.
  • Auto Head Gap senses paper thickness and adjusts to ensure best quality.
  • Standard front push tractor; optional rear push tractor.
  • Easy-to-read LCD panel.
  • Location-Free Paper Loading enables feed of cut sheets and slips anywhere along the printer table.
  • Ability to handle a wide variety of media- including multi-part forms, cut sheets, and slips.
  • Ability to print machine-readable bar codes on impact forms that the Image Based Document Retrieval scanning system can read and auto catalog.