Printek FormsMaster 8000 8003 and 8500 Printers


Looking for Printek 800x Series Parts?

800 cps forms printers

FormsMaster printers utilize the latest technology from Printek, offering the ultimate in reliability and control over your critical printing applications at print speeds up to 800 cps. Operation is office quiet. All configuration parameters may be set remotely, putting you in total control of the printer. FormsMaster 8000 Series printers will improve your on-time performance and customer service.

  • Print Speed. 800 cps in Fast Draft mode, 600 cps in Draft mode. Throughput of 400 lines per minute printing 80 characters per line.
  • Tractor System. FormsMaster 8000 has a single set of straight-up tractors; FormsMaster 8003 has Tri-Trak System with three sets of straight-through tractors.
  • Quiet Operation. Noise level is only 55 dBA when used with FormsMaster printer stand. Perfect for office use.
  • Continuous Mode. The FormsMaster 8003 automatically loads paper if a paper out condition occurs.
  • Problem-Free Forms Handling.Straight-up paper path ensures smooth flow of forms. Paper jam sensor allows reliable, unattended printing.
  • Waste-Free Forms Tear-Off. Automatic positioning of forms for tear-off, saving time, money and material.
  • Automatic Printhead Adjustment. FormsMaster printers automatically adjust for any form thickness, up to 6-parts.
  • Easy Set-Up. FormsMaster printers can be configured through the front panel, through downloading, or through optional plug-in modules. The front panel has 2x16 LCD display. Unique parameters for up to 10 different forms can be stored and recalled at any time. User friendly form names may be displayed on the front panel.
  • Fault Recovery. Print jobs may be recovered in the event of a fault condition with page reprint feature.
  • Flexible Connectivity. Auto port switching between parallel and serial interfaces. IBM Coax and Twinax, IPDS, an Ethernet interfaces available. Popular printer emulations are standard.
  • Set-Up Module. Portable set up module lets the user download parameter settings from one printer to another. This unit fits in the palm of your hand.
  • Simplify Printer Management. Printek's FormsMaster Series printers can be configured remotely with our Remote Printer Setup Software package, allowing complete control of your networked printers from your desktop.