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Dave was outstanding in helping me get a super awesome tech support to help me get the printer up and running. thank you Dave and the staff. you guys are great.
      05 June 2013 18:13:10

I really appreciated David's help with our printer problem in Baltimore. He could've dumped our problem on someone else, but he took the time to walk me through it and order the parts we need. Thanks David and technician!
      02 May 2013 14:35:53

Dave, I am passing on Brad's appreciation for helping him fix his problems. I love back up like this!! John
      18 January 2008 10:13:28

I find (the editorials) informative and look forward to seeing Dave's thoughts on the printer business. I enjoyed a brokerage relationship with Dave back in the CE Services days and hope you too may find his editorial information and maybe lead to business opportunities. I was being sincere. I really do enjoy your editorials. They're an easy read as well as a nice break in my day. Something to read that's interesting and entertaining. I told a colleague what a wealth of knowledge you are and that's how the forwarding of your editorial came about. Keep up the good work.
      07 August 2007 14:06:06

...You guys at Argecy are the printer professionals and I use your knowledgeable and well organized web site on a daily basis for research and part numbers. I'm honored you'd purchase from us! ...In addition, I have over 500 off-lease HP Lasers in stock and would love to send you a truck load. Call me and we'll talk.
      19 July 2007 11:18:12

I purchased a Lexmark W810MFP from Argecy about 5 years ago. 2 weeks ago we had our 1st problem. I called the local Lexmark Service provider, the techs made 2 on-sight calls and at least 3 calls to Lexmark Support (in India - BTW What a Joke!), they were stumped. I called Argecy, talked to Dave, we determined the potential problems. Dave and I decided to try the simple fix first, Argecy shipped my first part after 5:30 on a Friday so I could have it Monday AM. Since the problem was not the simple fix, I called Monday, they shipped out the part the next day. I received the new part, installed and EVERYTHING WORKS!!! Argecy is awesome!!! The best thing is you don't have to talk to Lexmark Tech Support in India (What a Joke! Did I say that before?).
      20 June 2007 14:10:25

I received the two Optra T612n printers today. I must say, I was very pleased! The printers were flawless, and very well packed. It looks like we've found a new Optra supplier! ... I look forward to doing business with you again!
      20 June 2007 13:08:04

Thanks Dave for your Tech support on the Lexmark T642 Laser printer. The diagram you sent me made it easy to order the exact part I was looking for,and you made me laugh too. It was a pleasure talking with you.
      19 June 2007 12:49:32

Rachel, just wanted to verify that we have both received and set up the printer. It works fine and I'm pleased with my purchase. Thanks.
      09 April 2007 12:13:33

I did receive the printer, very quickly, too! I've not installed it yet, hopefully today. I'll call if there are any issues, though I do not expect any. Thanks so much for the follow up, it's getting kind of rare these days! Kirsten Lacy Williamson County Grain
      16 February 2007 07:33:22

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