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I purchased a Lexmark W810MFP from Argecy about 5 years ago. 2 weeks ago we had our 1st problem. I called the local Lexmark Service provider, the techs made 2 on-sight calls and at least 3 calls to Lexmark Support (in India - BTW What a Joke!), they were stumped. I called Argecy, talked to Dave, we determined the potential problems. Dave and I decided to try the simple fix first, Argecy shipped my first part after 5:30 on a Friday so I could have it Monday AM. Since the problem was not the simple fix, I called Monday, they shipped out the part the next day. I received the new part, installed and EVERYTHING WORKS!!! Argecy is awesome!!! The best thing is you don't have to talk to Lexmark Tech Support in India (What a Joke! Did I say that before?).
      20 June 2007 14:10:25

I received the two Optra T612n printers today. I must say, I was very pleased! The printers were flawless, and very well packed. It looks like we've found a new Optra supplier! ... I look forward to doing business with you again!
      20 June 2007 13:08:04

Thanks Dave for your Tech support on the Lexmark T642 Laser printer. The diagram you sent me made it easy to order the exact part I was looking for,and you made me laugh too. It was a pleasure talking with you.
      19 June 2007 12:49:32

Rachel, just wanted to verify that we have both received and set up the printer. It works fine and I'm pleased with my purchase. Thanks.
      09 April 2007 12:13:33

I did receive the printer, very quickly, too! I've not installed it yet, hopefully today. I'll call if there are any issues, though I do not expect any. Thanks so much for the follow up, it's getting kind of rare these days! Kirsten Lacy Williamson County Grain
      16 February 2007 07:33:22

Hi! Sorry to take so long to respond. I just got your e-mail as it went to my bulk mail and I did not see it until I went to clear bulk mail out. I received the cd-rom drive for the Thinkpad and I am VERY happy with it. I have left positive feedback on eBay. I appreciate your follow-up and thanks again---Gail
      15 February 2007 10:20:17

Hi! Have been to busy to get back to you, being overwhelmed with w-2's and tax filers. Your service was outstanding. I got the tracking numbers Fri morning and Fri afternoon I had a printer. Monday my hardware guy came by and I had him unpack it and check it out. He said it works fine. Keep in mind this was all a week ago. Just wanted to E you and tell you what a fine job you did. David
      06 February 2007 09:28:30

hi~ this is from Taiwan (chif). We have got the prints.. thank you very much! And we need IBM parts - "Converter 9034 or Optica 34600 converter" now, do you have it?
      16 January 2007 18:56:28

The printer arrived on time and was installed without incident. It is my wife's pharmacy and the non-technical crew there got it going without even a phone call. Thanks for excellent service!
      20 December 2006 06:19:30

Thank you, and your team, for getting that out so timely. It's nice to know that you not only sent it quickly, but that you sent a quality piece of equipment. It helps me feel more confident each time I order from Argecy.
      18 December 2006 08:53:08

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